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We are all just different kinds of beautiful. When we believe we are beautiful, that is when we truly shine. Our amazing job is to add to that confidence that ignites your own amazing beauty, both inside and out.

It is our honor and joy to contribute to our clients in this unique way and we’d love to share it with you through the beauty services we provide.



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Karen Lo

Founder of Thy Beauty, Karen Lo, is a certified permanent makeup artist with extensive experience and education in micropigmentation. You will notice her passion for her work and her commitment to exceeding your expectations from the moment you meet her…

Real Talk

Client Reviews

Karen is very experienced and she is one of a few Phibrow experts in Hong Kong! The process was very comfortable and gave next to no discomfort. (Thanks to the effective numbing gel!) Her studio is very chic and contemporary in style. Karen is very friendly and professional. She’d deliver you the eyebrows you desire!

Joyce Chapchap

Very satisfied 👍🏻I do eyebrows & eyeliner, feel so natural,
Wanted to do it for a long time, but I haven't found a more suitable and safe
After being introduced by a friend, I am assured to do eyebrows. I feel that the effect is very good, then I will do the eyeliner. The process is very careful and careful. After doing it, I will continue to follow up the eyebrows. Now I don't need to change my eyes before I go out

Joyce Lee

I just had an appointment today for Powderbrows and I am really happy with it. Exactly the shape that i wanted for my brows, the artist Karen is very professional. She will give you advice as well on what shape of eye brows suit you. She’ll make sure that you’ll get your treatment done in good proportion and will enhance your beauty. She’s done a great job. I booked another appointment with her already.😊

Anafe Lochrie

I had my brows done by Karen this week and I am really impressed. All through the process Karen was super professional and knowledgable and the quality of her work was amazing, the shape she achieved was perfect 😃 …

Kate Gowans


How long does it take for Microblading to heal?

It takes approximately 7-14 days for the brows to heal over, and about 1 month for the color to fully set in.

How often will I need to touch up Microblading?

If it is performed properly, microblading should last anywhere between 18 and 24 months. Once pigment from the procedure begins to noticeably fade, you’ll need to come back for a “touch-up” application. Touch-ups can be necessary every six months or every year, depending on your skin type and preferred look.

Does microblading hurt?

We use a topical anesthetic so there is very little discomfort. In fact, many clients fall asleep during the treatment!

How much does a touch up cost

The cost of a touch up depends on the length of time since your previous treatment. The longer the time, the more pigment has likely faded, the more work needs to be done to touch up your brows. We will review all pricing with you in your consultation! 🙂

Can I return to my normal activities immediately following the microblading treatment?

You will have very clear instructions for aftercare, which is essential in the healing process in order to achieve the best results. There are certain limitations regarding sun exposure, sweating, going in a pool, etc. for a brief time after the treatment.